Knapsack Manual Sprayers

Manual Hand Operated Sprayer 16 Liter Capacity

Our Knapsack Sprayers are the most popular equipment used in farms for spraying on a variety of crops. This 16 Liter High Density Polyethylene Tank is suitable for spraying pesticides, fungicides and other crop protection solutions through its 100cm long delivery hose line. With an 8-hole plastic flower nozzle, the sprayer is meant for various applications, such as agriculture, horticulture, gardening, plantations, forestry etc.

Knapsack Sprayers

Technical Specifcations:

  • 16 Liter High Density Polyethylene Tank
  • 60 cm long SS lance
  • 100 cm long delivery Hose line, One end with Brass
  • Coupling another end fitted with Brass Trigger
  • 8 Hole Plastic Flower Nozzle
  • Brass inside pressure chamber
  • Cotton Strap belt
  • Handle Set with Double Bearing
  • Steel Skirt with inner Partition
  • Multicoloured Laminated heavy box Packaging